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SMS Header is the India's largest SMS short code directory for reverse lookup text messages and phone calls, produced by individuals like YOU. We are constructing a free and public SMS text message short code directory with information on who is texting by exchanging text messages that we receive, which no other service can replicate."

Report scam and spam texts: You must opt in for corporations to lawfully include you in their text messaging advertising. Make it known if a corporation is bothering you and not following regulations. Reporting the number is the greatest method to make it public and assist others from being scammed.

Report texting fraud: Did you fall victim to a scam? Reporting the number is the quickest approach to alert the public and prevent others from falling prey to the scam. This manner, anyone may reverse phone lookup the number and make informed selections going ahead.

Verify the number texting you: Read other comments about the phone number owner to help solve the question "whose number is this?"

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